5 things that happened along the way

5 things that happened along the way

A Guest Post by, Adam Dreece


5 things that happened along the way

  1. The Man of Cloud 9 started as a short story when a friend nudged me to consider something for her anthology. I’d just finished Beauties of the Beast (The Yellow Hoods #4) and needed a break from my steampunk meets fairytale world.
  2. I originally planned to release The Man of Cloud 9 in April, but I wasn’t happy enough with the story and put The Wizard Killer – Season One out instead.
  3. As a consequence of pushing back The Man of Cloud 9, I ended up bumping The Yellow Hoods book 5 from November to April next year.
  4. After the first round of beta-reading, I cut out 20,000 words. It focused entirely on the young software developer Arju, and I’ll turn it into a side-story at one point, it’s too good to leave on the cutting room floor.
  5. I walked into my printer’s to pick up the proof of The Man of Cloud 9’s advanced review copy. I stopped and stared at the paperback sitting there on the counter. “That’s got to be a hardcover,” I blurted out. The woman there immediately replied, “I know, right?” That thought had never occurred to me about any of my books before.

Adam Dreece


2014-07-24 17.29.40.jpg

In 2014, Adam Dreece stopped hoping to be an author one day. He wrote and indie published the first two installments in his young adult, steampunk meets fairy tale, series The Yellow Hoods. In 2015, when the first two books became IAN Book of the Year finalists in YA and Fantasy, he released two more in the series, as well as a novelette.

Along the way, Adam has become a fixture on Twitter and Facebook for his blog articles and willingness to help other authors. He’s a frequent speaker on cons, festivals and events. He’s currently working on his first science fiction novel called The Man of Cloud 9, and has a weekly serial called The Wizard Killer. In 2016 he plans to also bring out the 5th book in The Yellow Hoods series.

He currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his wife and children. He is an active online mentor at adamdreece.com, and is a busy public speaker, panelist, and author in Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

The Man of Cloud 9

“a truly unique voice” – Tracy A. Fischer, Readers’ Favorite

“Adam Dreece continues to surprise, enthrall, and sweep us, his avid readers, along – with his elegant prose and insightful story telling. If you, like I, enjoy the scifi/fantasy genre – you can’t do better than The Man of Cloud 9.” – Rene Auberjonois, Avid Reader, Actor/Director (incl Star Trek Deep Space 9’s Odo)

— On extended Launch promotion (reg. $6.99) —
Seventy years from now, climate change has damaged the world, and civilization has lost its appetite for radical dreamers and innovation. Niko Rafaelo believes that the key to our future lies in revisiting the banned technology of nanobots, and binding it with the human microbial cloud (the bacteria that surrounds each person). Cut from the same cloth as Steve Jobs and his Silicon Valley heroes of history, Niko is driven to see his dream become a reality, no matter the consequences.

The Man of Cloud 9 is an intimate story, centred around the life of Niko Rafaelo and those closest to him. It reveals an all new side of Adam Dreece, best-selling author of The Yellow Hoods and The Wizard Killer.

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